NaughtyDate Review — How Naughty Can It Be?

NaughtyDate is geared toward helping you find local partners for no-strings-attached encounters. Since you’ve probably been burned by other sites offering similar promises, it would behoove you to read our NaughtyDate review. Will Ne? Or will it just be some shameless monstrosity designed to get you horny, take your money, and leave you to your own devices? Read our review and find out.

Naughtydate Review Results

Our experience with NaughtyDate was so pathetic, so abysmal, so putrid, that our reviewers are still scrubbing themselves with a wire brush to try and rid themselves of the stench.

NaughtyDate is one of those types of hookup sites that offer no value to their users. In our opinion, it should be avoided.

– Pros and Cons –

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hear that? (*crickets chirping) Ain’t no more pros around these here parts
  • Mobile app for Android not on Google Play; requires third-party APK
  • Registration module is buggy
  • Full of fake profiles and chat-bots
  • Few, if any, real women as members

When you see the word “ne of an online hookup site, you set your expectations pretty high. You won’t be satisfied with anything less than finding an open-minded partner for some casual, hot, and steamy night of delightfully perverted debauchery. At least that’s what crossed our mind when we first heard of NaughtyDate

– Intended Audience –

NaughtyDate is intended for men and women seeking short-term casual sexual encounters. It is not the sort of site to find your soul mate.

It incentivizes women to join the site by allowing them to message men once they join without having to pay for a monthly membership.

Throughout the site’s promotional material and its welcome page, it presents itself as the ideal place to meet, flirt and hookup.

– Available Platforms –

We conducted our testing on NaughtyDate’s desktop browser version. We had been informed that a mobile app version was available, but we were unable to find it on Google Play.

Like a momma dog searching for her lost puppy, we searched and combed through the vastness of the worldwide web and discovered the NaughtyDate mobile app hiding in third-party hookup numbers near me Baton Rouge app repositories.

That meant that in order to use the mobile version of the site one is expected to download and install an APK from a website operated by who knows who from who knows where. For obvious reasons, we took a pass on downloading the mobile app. We would urge you to pass on it as well. In the event that you are more daring with your smartphone than we are, you must download the APK, then change the settings on your Android device to allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources, cross your fingers nothing nasty happens, and install it.

– Registration Process –

Normally, sites such as NaughtyDate use a “fast-track” registration process. While the site does employ this type of registration, during our testing, fast it was not.

All of our testers encountered issues getting past the first page of the registration process. After entering their required information they were stuck in a loop to nowhere. NaughtyDate would not advance to the follow-up registration screens. After several minutes, one of our testers was able to register successfully. Another one was successful after starting from scratch an hour later. A third tester was unable to register after repeated attempts over two days.

We dare say that this definitely constitutes what those in the tech world would call a “bug.” Others of us would just call it a piece of sh*t hosting server for NaughtyDate. You may call it what you will – it didn’t fill us with enthusiasm nor anticipation of what was to come.