Regardless of if these studies recommend magnesium and you may calcium supplements you will ease migraine, such pills possess some ill-effects

Studies have shown that calcium and you will magnesium supplements can result in intestinal symptoms eg abdominal soreness, disease, and you may diarrhea (12). As well, calcium increases the risk of nephrolithiasis and you will cardiovascular disease (29, 31). There is an evergrowing demand for looking at the part out-of natural compounds within the human wellness (2–6), and lots of studies have shown that dieting and nutrients gamble an enthusiastic extremely important character regarding prevention and remedy for migraine (7–9). Slimming down calcium supplements and you will magnesium try secure and convenient than simply pills and must feel necessary while the a priority. All of our overall performance indicated that higher diet calcium and you may magnesium intakes had been negatively pertaining to migraine. However, i including unearthed that the average consumption out-of every single day calcium supplements and you will magnesium from You.S. people try less than its RDAs. Ergo, Western grownups is to boost their attention to RDA to have calcium and magnesium and increase losing weight calcium and magnesium consumption, that could be an effective way to prevent migraine. Environmentally friendly leafy produce, fruits, whole grains, crazy, seed products, seafood, and you may kidney beans are rich in magnesium (43, 44). Dairy foods, soya circumstances, grains, fish, and strengthened snacks are great weightloss sources of calcium (44).

Earliest, our very own performance is almost certainly not right for generalizing the nation society as studies participants were all Americans

The brand new physiological systems between weight loss calcium and magnesium intake and you may migraine weren’t comprehended but can be associated with the second elements. Magnesium may prevent migraine by the suppressing neuronal overexcitation, counteracting vasospasm, and you will reducing the creation out-of inflammatory mediators, together with boosting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, serotonin receptor transmission, additionally the No system (12–14). Calcium supplements and you will magnesium, which are involved in the synthesis and you can launch of certain neurotransmitters and you will inflammatory mediators, can get work together to assist the brand new neurological system means securely and you may lightens bravery tension (10, 11). Our very own show secure the confident part regarding magnesium and you may calcium inside migraine, the actual only real variation are that we did not find an impression out of magnesium towards the naviguer autour de ce site migraine when you look at the males. I speculate that the could be because of notably highest ionized magnesium profile on the system of men than in girls (45). Ergo, the result off weight-loss magnesium intake into the actual magnesium accounts can get be attenuated within the people. Then prospective longitudinal education and mechanistic studies are needed seriously to elucidate the fresh relationship between losing weight calcium and you can magnesium intake and you can migraine.

Our very own investigation has numerous advantages. To your knowledge, this is actually the very first and you can biggest nationally user sample analysis so you’re able to assess the organization between dietary calcium and you may magnesium and you may migraine in Us grownups. On the other hand, we reviewed the fresh new amount-effect outcomes of diet calcium and you may magnesium to the migraine and given far more fundamental advice. There are some limitations. 2nd, migraine was not categorized according to In the world Nightmare Group standards. But not, the brand new AMPP analysis showed that extremely patients which have significant headache came across the class conditions getting migraine, so we accept that brand new medical diagnosis away from migraine is relatively specific. In the future education, identifying symptomatic criteria having horror can help most readily useful identify somebody exactly who take advantage of weight reduction calcium supplements and you may magnesium. 3rd, while we has actually controlled having supplement D medications, we lack information regarding fat reduction nutritional D. Future prospective studies must look into the effect out of losing weight vitamin D to help expand take a look at the fresh new organization between calcium supplements and you may migraine. In the long run, all of our study was a corner-sectional study, hence try not to generate an excellent causal inference, and further prospective longitudinal research is necessary.


Our very own studies found that highest weight reduction intake out of calcium and you will magnesium, by themselves or even in integration, was indeed inversely associated with migraine in females. For males, highest weight loss calcium consumption is negatively connected with migraine. Some one is always to shell out far more attention to fat reduction calcium supplements and you will magnesium, which may be ways to avoid migraine. In the event switching dieting habits demands higher desire, including work tends to be active and rewarding for migraine.