The newest vehicle parking braking system handle will be separate regarding the solution brake control

30 mere seconds shortly after eg actuation, a launch actuation of parking braking system handle is done

6.4 Vehicle parking braking system manage – automobiles and buses. They is going to be operable because of the men seated regarding the regular riding standing. The latest control can be identified such that specifies new types of control operation. The fresh vehicle parking brake manage should manage the fresh new vehicle parking brakes of vehicles as well as any air braked auto that it is customized so you can tow.

6.5.step 1 To own automobiles and you can vehicles, with first conditions since the specified in the 6.5.2, all of the time just after a credit card applicatoin actuation of your own parking brake handle, and with people next amount of pressure, otherwise blend of quantities of tension, regarding reservoirs of every of your own car’s brake solutions, zero lack of parking brake retardation force should originate from a great release actuation of vehicle parking braking system manage unless brand new vehicle parking brake system have the capability, shortly after eg discharge, to be reapplied for a price meeting minimal results specified in both six.step one or six.dos. That it criteria should be came across both that have and with no motor towards the, with and you can rather than unmarried leakage-type inability, in any almost every other brakes, of a part designed to contain compressed-air or braking system fluid (consistent with the parenthetical phrase specified for the six.3.1).

6.5.2 The first conditions getting six.5.1 are as follows: New tank system tension was one hundred psi. In case the auto was created to pull an auto armed with air brake system, a great 50 cubic inches sample reservoir is attached to the also have range coupling.


six.5.step 3 To possess trailers, with initially requirements because the specified inside the six.5.cuatro, at all times shortly after actuation of your vehicle parking brakes by ventilation leading supply range coupling for the environment, in accordance with any then amount of tension, or mixture of quantities of tension, regarding reservoirs of every of one’s car’s brake possibilities, brand new vehicle parking brake system will not be releasable of the repressurizing the production range by using the supply line portion of the truck attempt rig (Figure step 1) to your stress above 70 psi, unless brand new parking brakes are capable, shortly after such as for instance launch, out-of reapplication because of the further ventilation of the front also have line coupling on ambiance, for a price fulfilling minimal efficiency specified in a choice of 6.1 or six.2. It needs is going to be found one another having and you may without the unmarried leakage-sort of failure, in every most other brake system, from an associate designed to consist of compressed-air or brake water (similar to the parenthetical statement given inside the 6.3.1).

6.5.cuatro The initial requirements getting 6.5.step three are as follows: This new tank system and offer range try pressurized to a hundred psi, making use of the likewise have line part of the truck test rig (Shape 1). Should your auto is made to pull a vehicle equipped with sky brakes, an effective 50 cubic inch sample tank is attached to the butt also have line coupling.

six.6.1 Getting trucks and you may busses, having initial criteria just like the given in the six.6.2, the brand new vehicle parking brake system should be ready appointment minimal show specified in a choice of 6.1 or six.2, which have any solitary leakage-sorts of inability, in every other brake system, out of an associate made to contain compressed air or braking system liquid (consistent with the parenthetical terms given when you look at the 6.step 3.1) at the end of the test series given for the 6.6.3.

six.six.dos The initial criteria for six.6.step one are listed below: The brand new engine is found on. The fresh new reservoir system stress is actually one hundred psi. If the auto was created to pull an automible armed with sky brakes, a great 50 cubic inch take to reservoir is actually attached to the likewise have range coupling.

six.six.3 The test sequence to have six.6.1 can be pursue: The system is actually turned off. One solitary leaks types of inability, in almost any other brakes, out-of a part designed to have compressed air otherwise braking system water (consistent with the parenthetical terminology given for the six.step three.1), will then be produced on the brake system. A credit card applicatoin actuation of your parking braking system control will be produced. 30 moments following release actuation, a final app actuation of one’s vehicle parking braking system handle is done.